Driver crashes truck into bedroom while homeowner sleeps in room next door

Vehicle crashes into home, Police look for driver

EL PASO - Police are looking for the driver who crashed his truck into a home right in front of Irvin High School.

Eighty-four-year-old Earl Black has lived at the home for over 30 years. He said he was scared to death after hearing the loud crash. The truck crashed right into a spare bedroom, just feet away from his bedroom were he was asleep.

Police found tire marks the lead them to believe the truck was coming out of the Irvin High School parking lot when the driver lost control, smashing through a rock wall before plowing into the side of the home.

When police arrived the driver was no where to be found. They tell us the driver ran away. Mr Black said he didn't see the driver. Police tell us they sent officers to the home where the truck was registered, however a woman there said the owner of the truck wasn't home.

A gaping whole is all that's left at Mr. black's home. He says he will call his insurance today to take care of all the damage.  

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