Dr. Schuster retires, after 45 years of service in El Paso

Dr. Schuster retires

For more than 100 years, the Schuster family has been serving the El Paso community in the medical field, but come Jan. 31 that era will end.

Dr. Stephen Schuster, 79, will be retiring from his eye practice. "I couldn't have found a better career. It is so rewarding," Schuster said. "It is a wonderful profession compared to others in medicine because we don't deal with a lot of stress and death that goes with that as human beings."

Schuster began private practice in El Paso in late 1971, since then he has remained at the forefront of ophthalmological advances. The doctor's family has been practicing medicine since the late 1800s. Dr. Stephen Schuster Sr., served El Paso, providing eye care from 1918 until his death in 1972. Schuster's grandfather, Dr. Michael Phillip Schuster, was a practicing physician in the Sun City. He became the first to specialize in eye, ear, nose and throat acre in the Southwest. He practiced for almost two decades beginning 1896.

Through the years of service, Schuster has changed the lives of thousands, through his surgeries and sincerity. "He has always done the best he could for us, so in turn we do the best we can for him," said David Montes, technician for Schuster. 

"He has a work ethic that is bar non," said head technician Robert Elizalde."His professionalism and the way he takes care of patients. Patients come first no matter what."

The doctor's retirement comes as the field reaches high demand with patients and a potential shortage of doctors, but Schuster said El Paso is in good hands. " [The city] is fortunate in another sense that we have very, very qualified ophthalmologist." 

There are 39 listings for ophthalmologists in El Paso, some of them have specialized practices, like pediatric patients.

Schuster's final day in the office will be Jan. 31. "It has been the greatest time in my life," he said. "I have been so blessed because I have learned more from my patients than I ever have been able to give back to them."

Although Schuster is retiring, he still has goals. He says he wants to run a marathon when he is 80.

We wish him the best of luck. Enjoy retirement! 



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