Dozens gather to remember man allegedly killed by girlfriend

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - Friends and family of a man killed in Las Cruces last week gathered for his funeral on Tuesday.

Carlos Nevarez III was killed after his girlfriend allegedly ran over him on purpose.

Dozens of people gathered to remember Nevarez at the Masonic Cemetary.

Nevarez was a father, a Marine and a volunteer firefighter.

"If you were to judge him simply by the canvas, it would be easy to just dismiss him as being someone he wasn't. The minute you talked to him, you'd see that the tattoos and the deep voice weren't who he really was," said Russ Jones, who grew up with Nevarez.

Friends and family remember Nevarez as caring and selfless with a great sense of humor.

Jones had the crowd laughing remembering Nevarez.

"I remember sitting in eighth grade art class, and this gorgeous eighth grader with flowing brown hair says to me in a deep voice, 'I'm going to be moving in next door to you,'" Jones said in his eulogy.

Firefighters, Marines and officers from various law enforcement agencies paid their final respects.

Nevarez had just turned 42 the day he was killed.

Las Cruces police said his girlfriend, Annette Larson Fuschini, ran over him on purpose.

Nevarez's mother, Stella Martinez, told ABC-7 she will always remember her son as a brave man.

"I didn't think I could do this. I didn't think I could even leave the house after he passed, but I have this energy, this want to keep learning more about him. Although I don't think anyone knows more than I do. I'm still so very proud of him," she said. 

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