Dona Ana County unveils new motion picture film set

Dona Ana county unveils new motion picture film set

EL PASO, Texas - There was a gunfight in downtown Las Cruces Tuesday afternoon.

But the gunslingers rode into town to help announce plans for a new film set in Dona Ana County.

Local leaders hope it helps Southern New Mexico's film industry flourish.

It was a Wild West shootout.
Bullets flew cowboys fell and ABC-7 got its first look at Dona Ana County's new movie set.

Las Crucens joined local and state leaders, along with film industry professionals for the unveiling.

"We have a vibrant film industry in the state of New Mexico," said New Mexico State Rep.Jeff Stienborn.

Stienborn told ABC-7 there aren't many film opportunities in southern New Mexico.
Stienborn said that's a shame, considering the region has a lot to offer.

"Our mountains, White Sands, the Mesilla Valley our Spaceport our military bases we can offer diversity and unique film locations to filmmakers from all around the world," said Stienborn.

The film set will be built at the Corralitos Ranch, about 10 miles west of Las Cruces.

Bill McCamey is a site locator for the film industry.
He said it could bring thousands of jobs and provide an economic boost for the area.

"We're going to have people working we're going to bring income into the city with all the businesses here, the stores, the restaurants, the auto mechanics. There's just an (unlimited) amount of money that can be brought in because of film," said McCamey.

College instructor Mark Vasconcellos said he has a different way of looking at the set.

He's hopeful it will inspire some of the future filmmakers of America.

"We have so many great film students here with a lot of potential and a lot of talent. But you know they graduate, they secure some kind of job or they leave. We want them to work in film and this is going to keep them here and get them right into film right off the bat," said Vasconcellos.

Funding for the film lot was provided by 11 of the 12 Dona Ana County legislators.

Construction for the film lot is expected to begin at the end of 2014 or early 2015.

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