Dona Ana County special election results are in

Voters make split decision

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - The voters in Dona Ana County have spoken. Results for the county special election are in.

As results rolled in Tuesday night, there were clear trends among all four issues on the ballot.

Support for the bond measures to fund the construction of a new 911 call center and the completion of a building to house abused animals needed for criminal court cases was steady all night.

The final unofficial results were 54.6 percent in favor of the bond for the 911 center and 53.6 percent in favor of the animal holding facility.

Another clear trend was opposition against the bond for renovations at the county fairgrounds and a raise in the gross receipts tax.

The final unofficial results were 59.1 percent against the bond for the county fairgrounds and 56.4 percent against the sales tax raise.

Dona Ana County Commissioner Karen Perez told ABC-7 she's disappointed voters did not feel the fairground renovations or tax raise were important.

The tax increase would have created a steady revenue to fund the 911 call center operations, ambulance services and the Crisis Triage Center.

Perez said all of those projects are high priority. She said the county will have to find a way to fund them.

"We will do the best we can to make some improvements to the fairgrounds. We maintain that that is important. The operation money for the dispatch center, that money is going to go in. We are going to have a functional 911 center. They're going to see cuts in other county services until we can see the economy turn around and our revenues bounce back," Perez told ABC-7.

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