Diario: 81 persons killed in Juarez in June

Juarez, Mexico - El Diario de Juarez newspaper reports 81 persons were killed in Juarez in the month of June.

This was the second deadliest month so far this year, 87 persons were killed in February. 

Juarez city officials blame the increase in violence to new conflicts between criminal groups and cited

an increase in killings in public spaces.

El Diario interviewed Juarez Criminologist Oscar Maynez who says the homicides have been increasing for more than a year and are a result of failed law enforcement strategies. 

Maynez says authorities have never had an effective strategy to combat crime adding  "The dynamic of organized crime has always been there. It has to do with social, economic and political conditions...the factors that nurture organized crime have not been addressed: lack of economic opportunities, dysfunctional institutions, corruption."

Juarez homicides in 2017

January     54
February     87
March     71
April     31
May     45
June     81
TOTAL         369

 Looking back over the years, more than 13,000 people have been victims of homicide in Juarez  since 2007.

YEAR     Homicides
2007     320
2008     1623
2009     2754
2010     3622
2011     2086
2012     803
2013     535
2014     429
2015     311
2016     538
2017 (Jan-June)     369

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