Denver Police confirms Canutillo woman involved in murder-suicide

Two of Myra Perez's children dead, daughter in critical condition


EL PASO, Texas - Friends and family are in shock following a murder-suicide involving a mother and her children.

Denver Police confirmed 23-year-old Myra Perez of Canutillo shot her three children before turning the gun on herself.

6-year-old Nivek and 2-year-old Eric died. Perez's 3-year-old Isabel remains in critical condition at a Denver hospital.

According to an ABC News affiliate in Denver, a news conference was held Thursday afternoon where authorities confirmed Perez was the the shooter.

ABC-7 News in Denver reports the family had just moved to their house in Denver about six months ago.

Police say Perez's husband, Ricky Perez, was unharmed and described him as cooperative.

Neighbors and family told ABC-7 News in Denver that Perez and her husband had a fight Tuesday night, but it is still unclear if her husband was home when the shooting happened.

KVIA-TV spoke with a woman who was Perez's former teacher.

"It's been very confusing, very puzzling not knowing exactly what really happened," said Mary Lechuga.

Lechuga said she found out through former students whom she kept in touch via Facebook. She said many of them could not believe it.

"There's a lot of sadness, they're shocked, in disbelief because it's something that she would not do," said Lechuga.

Lechuga said childhood friends and former classmates are planning a vigil for Perez and the children.

The former teacher said they want to collect money to help out Perez's family because their funerals are expected to be held in El Paso or Canutillo.

Lechuga remembers Perez as a very quiet person who grew up in a very traditional family. She said her parents were very involved while she was in school.

"It's very shocking what we've heard because it points to her but I don't want anybody to think that she's been a bad person all this time. She's not a bad person, she was an excellent student. All my memories of her were that she was a very sweet person," said Lechuga.

In Denver, neighbors held a candlelight vigil a few blocks away from the family's home.


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