Demolition of former Insights Museum will begin this week

EL PASO, Tx - Demolition of the building that once was EL Paso Science Center Insights Museum had been in the works for a while now, but until Sunday night, no specifics had been confirmed. A tipster clued ABC-7 in on the city's plans this week, and ABC-7 contacted city officials.

ABC-7 did get an email from the city after the inquiry and although the tear down beginning this week is confirmed, the details are not.

The tear down of the former El Paso Insights Museum to make room for a ball park was imminent.

The Insights Museum had already closed it's doors late 2012 but when the demolition would happen, hadn't been said.

That was until late Sunday evening evening when ABC-7 got an email about a news conference set for Monday afternoon. The demolition will begin this week, it states.

Some El Pasoans said it was unfortunate to finally see Insights go.

"I think it's really sad the day when we tear down a science museum," said a local passer-by. "I think its a bad idea, I think its a really big part of El Paso," they continued.

The museum's former board president Aaron Velasco cringes at the idea.

"I've prepared myself mentally for that, I dont want to see it actually, truthfully I'm not going to go down and see that," said Velasco.

The late-breaking news of the demo-details has taken some El Pasoans by surprise as well.

Even former board members of the museum didn't get the memo.

"We are totally out of the loop now since we handed over the keys, were not made privy of any of that," said Velasco.

As far as the old Insights exhibits, they've found a home in a school.

"We are currently storing our stuff at Alamo school in Segundo Barrio, our plan is to open up there," said Velasco.

Velasco told ABC-7 they are making a push to reopen soon.

"We have not finalized that plan with EPISD. We finalized the agreement to store the stuff but there's more that needs to be put into place before we operate out of there," said Velasco. 

Alan Schubert, ballpark project engineer, will be holding the news conference to discuss the demolition details at Cleveland Square, located at 510 N. Santa Fe St., Monday at 1:30 p.m.

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