Daughter speaks out about father killing mother

EL PASO, Texas - New details on a deadly stabbing that led to a police-involved shooting.

ABC-7 has uncovered new information about the suspect and victims, including what linked them.

Police say Charles Morales stabbed two people early Monday and when confronted, police say officers were forced to use deadly force. Police say Morales stabbed his entranged wife to death and critically wounded her friend. Investigators say Morales was then tazed and shot to death at his residence nearby.

On Tuesday, with her uncle present, ABC-7's Darren Hunt spoke with the couple's 16-year-old daughter.

"I come out and just see my dad, he was holding an object and I was like, 'Dad, whatever you have, put it down. Then all of the sudden, I see my dad on the floor tazed," said the couple's 16-year-old daughter, describing the final moments of her Dad's life. "Next thing I know, I see the cop saying, 'I'm going to go for something lethal,' and I was like, 'What do you mean lethal, what's lethal?' And then all the sudden I see my Dad shot three times in the chest."

Police say her father killed their mother, 35-year-old Annette Hernandez, and injured Hernandez's friend, 41-year-old Adrian Archuleta, in her apartment. Hernandez and Morales had three daughters, ages 16, 15 and 12.

"They had their issues, you know," the 16-year-old said. "They would fight, but they would always make up for it."

The ABC-7 I-Team uncovered three protective order requests from Hernandez against Morales, one in 2003, one in 2012 and another just this month. All three, however, were non-suited, or dropped, before they went into effect.

"My Mom would just be like, 'Oh, I'm leaving. I'm going with my boyfriend," the girl said of the protective orders. "My Mom would be scared my Dad would do something like try to hurt her, which is a lie, because my Dad loved her. My Dad really loved my mom, he did. He couldn't move on from her."

"I guess he got into a rage and did something bad," said Morales' friend, Tony Ovalle. "But he really wasn't a bad guy and he paid for it."

Ovalle said Morales had custody of his three daughters.

"From what he told me in the previous weeks was that he was having a lot of problems with her and I guess the jealousy got the better of him," Ovalle said. "That's what happened."

ABC-7 is still investigating why Hernandez sought the protective orders against her estranged husband and why she ended up dropping them, including one earlier this month.

Archuleta remains hospitalized in critical condition at University Medical Center.

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