DASO deputies investigate shooting west of Las Cruces

DONA ANA COUNTY, N.M. - Two men were left with wounds all over their faces and upper bodies after they were shot in front of their home.

It happened on the 3800 block of Eastview Avenue, just outside of Las Cruces.

The two victims did not want to be identified.

They told ABC-7 they were sitting on the front porch playing guitar.

Around 2 a.m., they said the neighborhood was unusually quiet. That's when they were hit.

The victims said at first they thought the shooters were throwing rocks at them.

It wasn't until they realized they were bleeding that they knew it was something worse.

"We looked across the street, and we heard a big bang that sounded like fireworks going off. All of a sudden we heard 'ting, ting, ting' like some shrapnel going on and we started getting hit. I told my buddy, 'We gotta get in! We gotta get in!'" one of the victims said.

A spokeswoman for the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office told ABC-7 the men were shot with shotgun pellets.

The shrapnel left the men with wounds on their bodies. It also riddled the front of their home with marks on the walls and broken windows.

Sheriff's deputies are still questioning people in the area to find the shooters.

The victims said they are glad the pellets did not seriously injure them.

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