County considers filing suit

Former purchasing agent could be sued

EL PASO - El Paso County is considering suing a longtime former employee, but the reason is shrouded in mystery.

Because it's a legal matter, county officials must get advice from County Attorney Joann Bernal during executive session, or closed meeting. 

The issue revolves around Piti Vasquez, the former County Purchasing Agent who was responsible for overseeing the bidding and awarding for county contracts.   

Vasquez left the County in September under a separation agreement. The Purchasing Board, made up of judges and county commissioners, discussed the possibility of suing him during closed meeting on Wednesday afternoon. The members of the board won't talk about what sparked talks of a lawsuit because it's a legal matter.  

After meeting in executive session, the board voted not to sue Vasquez.

"We love Piti. He was a great guy. We're just trying to get it resolved that's all," said panel member and county commissioner Dan Haggerty. 

After the meeting, ABC-7 stopped by Vasquez's home. He welcomed us into his house and told us he had nothing to hide, but per his attorney's advice - couldn't comment on the county's actions until this is over. 

Haggerty told us county commissioners are taking up the issue on Monday and the panel could revisit it. 

"Well, he (Vasquez) was here a long time and I would like to think that after a long time, I'd be on my way and people would be happy to see me go and you know it's the end, so why all of this? But you know, this is where we're at and it's a shame that it has to be in Commissioners Court in open session and all that but here we are."

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