EL PASO, Texas -

During the special budget meeting, on Thursday, County Commissioner's Court discussed the number of holidays and sick days that county employees have yearly.

Employees get 28 holiday/vacation days and 15 sick-days a year; totaling 43 potential days off annually. In comparison to other counties the number is above the average. "The average holiday and vacation mix is 25," Commissioner Andrew Haggerty  said when speaking about other counties.

"We need to cut back a bit and be inline with everyone else. Do we need to mash our vacation days to the federal holidays and bank schedules? We need to decide what makes sense as a court," Haggerty added.

According to County Chief Administrator Betsy Keller, the court has asked HR to look at the total number of leave days employees have and bring back a recommendation. "One of the things they are working on is adjusting a sick leave policy." Keller said, "the county has more sick leave days on average than other counties."