EL PASO, Texas -

It will be a long day for the the finalists vying for city manager of El Paso.

The four final candidates are expected to be interviewed Thursday by city council and other panels made up of past and present city officials.

The finalists: City of El Paso CFO Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria, City of El Paso Assistant City Manager David Almonte, Assistant Fort Worth City Manager Fernando Costa and former Irving, Texas City Manager Tommy Gonzalez. They were picked from 119 applicants.

During Wednesday's meet and greet, ABC-7 spoke with former El Paso mayor Joe Wardy, who was chosen to be part of a panel formed by City Council. Every city representative picked one member.

Wardy said he was picked by City Representative District 2 Larry Romero.

"It's an interesting dichotomy that we have, two locals and two out-of-towners, so there will be some good contrast in there," said Wardy.

When asked if he's already made an opinion about any of the candidates, he replied, "Based on the resumes, a little bit. It opens some questions for me, but Thursday we get to ask the questions."

Wardy said the committee is expected to give the city a recommendation by the end of Thursday.

Among the dozens of people in attendance, political watchdog Salvador Gomez said he spoke with each candidate one-on-one.

Although City Council does have the final say, Gomez said he knows what kind of candidate he wants to fill the position.

"I'm leaning towards someone from out of town that will come in and wipe the table clean, with a clean slate and brand new ideas. And that they are not aligned or committed to the City Council."

City Council has not announced when the new city manager will be named.