Council approves $18.5 million more for City Hall move

      City Council approved another $18.5 million in City Hall relocation costs Tuesday, voting 4-3 to spend that money to renovate two buildings the city acquired after deciding to build a new downtown baseball stadium on the site of the current City Hall.

      The Luther Building, which was donated to the city by El Paso businessman Paul Foster, is in need of $11.5 million worth of renovations before city employees can move in.

     Another $7 million will be set aside for renovations of a building previously purchased by the city at 801 Texas Avenue.

     Council also approved local company C-F Jordan to do the renovation of the Luther Building while Arrow Building Corporation will do the renovations at 801 Texas Avenue.

     City representatives Emma Acosta, Eddie Holguin and Carl Robinson voted against allocating the money.

     According to city officials, the Luther Building renovations are expected to be completed in the next six months. The 801 Texas Avenue renovations are expected to be completed by October.

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