'CookieCott' targets Girl Scouts, may affect local sales

Girl Scouts accused of promoting pro-choice causes

EL PASO, Texas - Some pro-life groups are trying to put a bad taste in people's mouths, instead of letting them enjoy their Girl Scout favorites, like thin mints.

It's being called "Cookiecott" 2014. Organizations like, the American Family Association and Pro-Life Waco are attacking Girl Scouts of the USA, accusing the group of promoting pro-choice causes. Now Girl Scouts are not only having to defend themselves, but are hoping the negative publicity won't effect cookie sales.

This year, the sweet treats are getting caught up in America's culture wars.

"People will approach the girls at a cookie booth and ask them, 'Did you realize that by selling these cookies that you're supporting pro-choice'," Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest CEO Diane Flanagan said.

Instead of approaching adults like leaders and parents, young girls are getting very confused when being asked a very adult question.

How did it all start? At the end of 2013, the Girl Scouts of the USA sent out a tweet inviting people to add to a list of influential news makers of the year. On that list are women disliked by pro-life groups. Women like Texas Senator Wendy Davis and Human and Health Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

"There are several women that these special interest groups are pointing to, to prove that Girl Scouts endorsed a candidate and take political positions on very sensitive social issues," Communications Executive Kelly Parisi said over the phone Tuesday.

Accusations go as far as claiming the Girl Scouts of partnering with Planned Parenthood. The organization denies that and says politics do not belong in GSUSA.

The local chapter has had to respond to the accusations so many times that they've posted a statement on their website. The big question is ... how is "Cookiecott" 2014 affecting local troops?

"Our cookie sales have been strong but when people are out there giving you all this negative publicity it may have affected us," Flanagan said.

If you take the scouts side on this debate, better scoop them up quick. Sales in El Paso end March 2.

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