Convoy of Hope feeds thousands in El Paso

Fifty- thousand pounds of groceries were also handed out.

Convoy of hope

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that poverty is at its highest level in almost two decades.

The Convoy of Hope drove eighteen-wheelers onto the El Paso County Coliseum grounds filled with clothing and food for those who needed help. However, there was a problem early on.

Some miscommunication lead to people being told they had to leave immediately after getting their food and then having to wait back in the cold in a very long line to get back into the event area. But organizers sorted it.

Here in El Paso volunteers helped administer free community and health services as well as personal services like family portraits and haircuts. Fifty- thousand pounds of groceries were also handed out.

People sorted through many boxes and racks for free clothing. Organizers said Saturday's event took almost an entire year to put together.

Convoy of hope was founded by a Missouri man whose father was killed in a head on collision when he was just a boy that left his family in poverty. That childhood experience was parlayed back in 1994 into Convoy of Hope.

Eighteen years later they've helped more than fifty million people in some 100 countries.  

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