Convicted murderer awaits sentencing

EL PASO, Texas - The Brian Engleton murder case continued through the sentencing phase Thursday.

Wednesday Engleton was found guilty of killing his estranged wife, Deidre Engleton.

She was stabbed multiple times outside her hair salon in Northeast El Paso in 2011.

The sentencing hearing began Wednesday, following the verdict.

The hearing continued into Thursday, including testimony from witnesses under the prosecution and defense.

The defense worked to build Engleton's character, calling upon witnesses who knew Engleton personally.

Engleton could receive up to 99 years in prison. The minimum he can be sentenced is 5 years.

Michael Corren was called to the stand by the defense team.

Corren told jurors he was friends with Engleton, and that Engleton had worked as a service technician for his bar, Players.

He said Engleton helped install a security system at his establishment, and would visit the bar.

When asked what sentence Corren would recommend the jury give Engleton, he replied, "I would ask for the minimum.

The defense then played surveillance video from the bar. 

One video depicted Deidre parking near the building  and walking into the bar. The time stamp indicated it was two days before her death.

Another showed Engleton inside, at a bar. He then left the frame of the video. Corren said this was when Deidre and Engleton went outside.

The final video showed the couple talking outside. The conversation ran for about 30 minutes, and while the audio was not available, it appeared the two were calm through much of the talk.

The defense showed this video while pointing out Deidre had a restraining order against Engleton when she visited the bar.

The defense did not finish calling witnesses to the stand Thursday, so the trial will continue Monday morning.

Engleton is believed to be one of the witnesses that will take the stand Monday.

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