Construction on track in Far East El Paso

Connectors will link Zaragoza and Loop 375 by November

EL PASO, Texas - The on-ramp attached to Loop 375 South at Montwood Dr. has been sitting incomplete for weeks.

But a Texas Department of Transportation spokeswoman said construction has not stalled. In fact, it's moving along right on time.

"We're on schedule," said TX DOT's Blanca Del Valle. "We've finished Phase 1 where you see the flyover and you think, 'They've stopped.' No. That's just Phase 1. We're moving on to Phase 2 now."

Phase 2 involves constructing the second part of the ramp by Zaragoza Dr. and Sunfire Blvd. The two will eventually connect.

The construction is part of the Joe Battle Zaragoza Direct Connector Project. Two direct connectors -- one traveling north, the other heading south -- will join the two major thoroughfares.

The estimated $25 million project is expected to be complete by Nov. 2013.

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