Congressman Beto O'Rourke not ready to support US military action in Syria at this time

Syria Town Hall

U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke says he still has questions in regards to whether U.S. military action should be used in Syria. Go to his Facebook page at to give him your thoughts on the subject.

Below is a statement he posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday regarding Syria and a town hall meeting this week on the subject in El Paso.

Syria update

Thank you to the 200+ who came to the town hall last night; to those who have stopped me on the street and at different events; who've commented here on Facebook; who've emailed, called and sent letters. Your comments and questions about the atrocity in Syria and the possibility of a U.S. military response have been thoughtful and passionate, and I want to take some time to respond publicly.

Here's where I am on Syria:

I cannot see how U.S. military intervention will make things in that country better.

I have not been persuaded that the violation of an international norm should be met with a unilateral American military response.

It has not been clearly explained what the extent of our involvement will be; what it will cost this country, in money and lives; what our clear objectives are; how we will know that we've succeeded in achieving them.

I don't understand what reactions U.S. military action will cause within Syria; how the regional stakeholders will react (Iran, Israel, Russia, etc.); and whether these reactions will require further U.S. action.

There are so many unanswered questions, so few clear paths to a positive resolution once we attack Syria, that it is hard to see how I can support the President's request that we go to war.

However, this is the most important decision I will be asked to make as a member of Congress. I will make it in as deliberate and thoughtful way as I can. Despite my deep reservations, I will keep an open mind and gather as much information and wisdom as I can before I make my decision and cast my vote.

Here are the steps I will take:

1. Continue to listen to the people I represent
2. Hear the evidence and the argument from the Administration
3. Participate in the Congressional debate
4. Consistent with my conscience, vote for what is in the best interests of this country

If I cannot answer the questions I posed above to my satisfaction, if I am not convinced that we will clearly do more good than harm, I will vote against this war and work to ensure that this country pursues an international response to the atrocities that have been committed in Syria.

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