COMSAR kept busy with mountain rescues

COMSAR kept busy with mountain rescues

EL PASO, Texas - Combined Search and Rescue has carried out 13 mountain rescues so far this year after handling 17 all of last year.

ABC-7 spoke with members on the COMSAR team to better understand what they do to help hikers in need.

The team consists of 40 members, including 10 from the El Paso Police Department and 30 from the Fire Department.

"Every shift has members on duty," COMSAR Capt. Kris Mendez said. "When there is an incident, they respond."

Every incident has its own obstacles whether it is severe injuries, lost hikers, the time of day or type of weather, to name a few.

"We train monthly," Mendez said. "We do hikes on the trail as a team and by ourselves. We also have mandatory workouts."

Being physically fit is a must to be on the COMSAR team.

When rescuing someone, COMSAR members carry backpacks, which weight 40-50 pounds. Their backpacks include helmets, gloves, harnesses, ice packs, medication, additional clothing and water among other things to help the injured or lost hiker.

COMSAR members recommend hikers wear the proper clothing, know their physical capabilities and remain on the trail while hiking.

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