Complaint affidavit reveals details of ex-Irvin teacher's alleged sexual relationship with student

EL PASO, Texas - A complaint affidavit reveals the details of the alleged relationship between a former Irvin High School theater teacher and one of her male students.

Cecilia Schlesinger was charged with Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student on May 27 and turned herself in on May 29.

According to the affidavit, the 16-year-old student told El Paso Independent School District police he and Schlesinger had an ongoing sexual relationship this spring.

The student first enrolled in Schlesinger's theater class in January 2014.

He told EPISD Police Officer Victor Donoso that in March Schlesinger picked him up on a weekend in her van and that Schlesinger performed a sex act on him and then they had sexual intercourse.

He told Donoso that this was the first time he had sex with anyone.

The student also told Donoso that during spring break, his theater class went to San Antonio and he spent every night with Schlesinger in her hotel room and they had sex.

The student said that they continued to have sex after the trip, including in her van and in the Irvin theater classroom.

The affidavit states a search warrant was obtained for Schlesinger's cell phone and after it was forensically analyzed that several pictures depicting the student's genitals were stored in the phone's memory.

Schlesinger resigned her teaching position on May 2 when EPISD's Human Resources investigator Chere Williams interviewed her about the complaint of a possible improper relationship between educator and student.

During the human resources part of the investigation, before EPISD police took over, Williams admitted having pictures of the student's naked torso on her cell phone and admitted communicating with the student via text messaging.

EPISD police took over the investigation on May 6 and interviewed several witnesses who said Schlesinger and the student would carry on like girlfriend-boyfriend on and off campus, holding hands and being very affectionate toward each other, according to the affidavit.

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