The Alamogordo community continues to mourn fallen Officer Clint Corvinus. 

Corvinus was shot and killed while on duty Friday. Alamogordo Police officials told ABC-7 officers encountered a suspect with three outstanding warrants on the 1600 block of South Florida Avenue. The suspect, 38-year-old Joseph Moreno, allegedly tried to run away and fired at police during a foot pursuit. Moreno was also shot and killed.

On Sunday, the memorial in front of the Alamogordo Police Department had grown immensely.

"It hurts my heart," Gerry Sass, who traveled from Cloudcroft to view the memorial said. "This man was a provider, a helper and he's gone now, it's so senseless." 

Sass dropped off stuffed animals, then took a moment to pray. Others observed the memorial as a family. 

"You know tensions are pretty high between the police and civilians and you still gotta pay your respects because you gotta respect the law that's just the way it is," an onlooker said. 

Police Chief Daron Syling said the department is holding itself together. He thanked the community for the ongoing support. 

"Officer Corvinus like any other police officer, any other service member, writes a blank check for their service and he made the ultimate sacrifice and I don't have any words that can say anything better than that," Syling said. 

The funeral for Corvinus will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. at Tay's Center in Alamogordo at 2400 N Scenic Drive.