Commissioners Court hears Ascarate Lake is 3 feet low

Commissioners Court receives update on Ascarate Lake

EL PASO, Texas - County Commissioner Sergio Lewis says he wishes the management of Ascarate Lake would be more proactive instead of reactive.

On Monday, county commissioners learned the lake's water level is three feet below normal. Along with replacing non-working pumps, Public Works Director Ernesto Carrizal says a new well is needed to make sure that the sytem works properly.
There's a total of five pumps at the lake and golf course. Right now, only one pump is pumping water into the lake, according to Carrizal.

When asked just how soon residents can see improvements, Carrizal said, "Depending on if we can get the court to approve another well, we'll speed up the process. It depends on how fast they're pumping, depends on the weather conditions, the heat, the wind, everything that effects the lake level."

Carrizal told commissioners the man responsible for checking pump flows fell behind and that problems were discovered end of April this year. He explained that pumps failed because they were sucking in gravel, which was related to the ground water supply diminishing.

Still, Commissioner Lewis said he's disappointed at park management for its lack of communication. He requested the Commissioners Court allow at least quarterly updates on the status of the lake, until the issue is resolved.

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