Commissioners Court approve funds for 'El Paso Days' in Austin during legislature

EL PASO, Texas - As the next legislative session in Austin approaches, the El Paso Commissioners Court is discussing representation.
The City of El Paso has committed to give $10,000 to the Chamber of Commerce to help host "El Paso Days."
On Monday, Richard Dayoub talked to commissioners about the County and what they could do to help.  The last time the County helped fund "El Paso Days" was in 2009 when they gave $10,000.
"El Paso Days" is an event put on in Austin by El Paso's Chamber of Commerce.  Parties and meetings take place to attract legislators, and get them to support items that will help El Paso from the state.

The county judge made a motion to match the city's amount of $10,000.  An amount that Commissioner Sergio Lewis said was too much given the amount and his view of the county's budget.
"We should be in a position to help, bit not necessarily to match the city," said Lewis, who suggested a lesser amount of $5,000.
Commissioner Dan Haggerty also questioned the amount saying it was quite the party in Austin, as he remembered the last "El Paso Days" he attended.  Dayoub said parties were a major part of the event to attract legislators, but added there was plenty of meetings and work done to make sure El Paso's needs are showcased.

County Judge Veronica Escobar made a motion calling for the County to match the $10,000 from the city. It eventually passed by a vote of 3 to 2, with most Commissioners making comments as to why they voted that way.
Chozet said she had previously voted items like this down, as the financial situation of the county didn't allow the county to provide money to outside groups often, however, she said this was an opportunity she didn't believe they could pass up.

 Chozet, Perez and the County Judge cast the three "yes" votes.

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