The next morning, Patrick Garrett testified, he was awoken by his older brother, standing in his bedroom with a bowl of cereal.  He said Roger Garrett told him to eat his breakfast then get to school. He said he was told their father had been in an accident and he was dead.

Patrick Garrett testified that Roger Garrett confessed to killing their father years later.

In December of 1990, Patrick Garrett testified, he asked his brother for more information on their father’s death.

“I asked him, ‘Roger, is there anything you want to tell me about dad’s death,’” Patrick Garrett said. “His whole demeanor changed. He put his arm around me and he told me he and mom killed dad.”

Patrick Garrett said Roger and their mother called their father to the home to repair the dishwasher.

Maj. Chester Garrett had been living on post at the time, at the Fort Bliss bachelors officers quarters.

Patrick Garrett said his brother told him their father was leaning over the sink when he “hit him as hard as he could with a baseball bat.”

“They dragged him toward the garage and dad started gurgling, gasping for air, and mom pulled the bat out of his hand and hit him over the head,” Patrick Garrett said. “Crushed his skull.”

Patrick Garrett said Roger Garrett told him they took off their dead father’s clothes then put them in plastic bags, eventually dumping those bags in different trash bins outside of 7-11 gas stations across West El Paso.

Prosecutors asked the witness why he never came forward with the information.

“I just couldn’t turn my family in at that time,” Patrick Garrett said. “I just couldn’t do it.”

Prosecutors asked why he chose to withhold the information until January of this year.

“I became a Christian,” Patrick Garrett said. 

“You’re going to have to do better than that,” Assistant District Attorney Kyle Myers said.

Patrick Garrett began to cry as he retold how he had a life-changing experience when his 16-year-old son died in 2009.

“Thou shalt not kill,” Patrick Garrett said. “I thought that if I didn’t do anything I could be cursed, as guilty as the ones who did it.”

Roger Garrett has been held in the El Paso County Detention Center since his arrest in lieu of a $500,000 bond.

Lisbeth Garrett is free on bond awaiting trial.