Adan Vasquez got more than just rain in his yard in recent days.

His entire neighborhood on Western Park Road is flooded with water and sewage.

The neighborhood is in East El Paso County

He's asked the Lower Valley Water District who handles the sewage to help clean up his yard. But they said it's not their responsibility. 

After he called the Water District, Vasquez said, officials went out there a couple times to pour chlorine on his lawn. But he claims district officials told him, that's all they can do.

District Engineer Saul Trejo said Vasquez's yard is private property and out of their jurisdiction. They only work on public areas, or when the infrastructure is broken.

Sewage can also come up into people's home and properties when residents open manholes to drain water inadvertently flooding the sewage system.

Vasquez maintains that didn't happen. He's asked the local office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA to check his property and decide who is responsible for this sewage issue. 

He said it's the Lower Valley Water District's responsibility to clean it up.

It's important to note, that heavy rains last week may have put quite a bit of pressure on the system. 

But the lower valley water district says they can't help private properties.
Vasquez of course disagrees.