Claudia Ordaz wins District 6 seat

Claudia Ordaz wins District 6 seat

EL PASO, Texas - Everyone was exited at Claudia Ordazs' viewing party Friday night.

Ordaz said her opponent in the election, Michael Armstrong, called and conceded the race.

"I'm just so incredibly grateful to all of the people that came out and supported us," said Ordaz.

Ordaz said the votes came from her relentless door-knocking campaign and by her making herself accessible to the people. She talked to the residents about the issues and listened to their concerns.

Ordaz said her experience working with the federal and local government was a big plus.

Ordaz said she also has a good understanding of the issues and with that experience she can hit the ground running.

Ordaz tells ABC-7 she already has her list of priorities that she'll be tackling.

"Budget season is upon us and I really need to understand what we're working with. I know workshops are taking place right now but I really need a good grasp of what we're dealing with," said Ordaz.

Ordaz said her second priority is good transit programs for the East side.
She feels there's to much congestion in the area and that's something she wants to start working on.

Ordaz won 65.39% of the vote. MichaelĀ Armstrong was second 26.94%. Dick Bowen was third with 4.97% and Alex Zuniga got 2.71%.

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