City's 'one stop shop' now sells toll road tags

EL PASO, Texas - As of Wednesday, the City of El Paso's "one stop shop" is adding even more to its services.

Toll road tags can now be purchased at the shop in person, in addition to payment services for licenses and permits.

You also can make payments for the "pay-by-mail" toll bills in person at the shop.

The shop is located at 811 Texas Ave.

One-stop shop transactions include:

  • All Licensing
  • Commercial Building Tenant Improvements
  • Code Compliance Information
  • Expedited Plan Review (PBA/ CPR)
  • Fire
  • Food Establishment Permits
  • Express Front Counter Services
  • Parades
  • Plan Review
  • Special Events/ Special Privileges
  • Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)
  • Zoning Information

Assistance is also available over the phone at (915) 212-0104.

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