The city has unveiled a Christmas Lights display at Shawver Park in the Lower Valley.

It's located at 8100 Independence just north of Border Highway.

"I decided to have this for all the citizens of El Paso because the festivities Downtown are scaled back because of the construction at San Jacinto Plaza," said City Representative Eddie Holguin.

The city's annual 'Celebration of Lights' is normally held every holiday season at San Jacinto Plaza. This year, it's been moved to the much smaller Cleveland Square because of construction at the plaza.

The city plans to have holiday lighting displays for public viewing at Shawver Park daily from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

City officials said there will be live entertainment each Friday evening until December 20.  "I really wanted to have something for El Pasoans to come enjoy the holidays," Holguin said.

Residents will have to enter the park through a one-way road to the gazebo, where the lighting display is located.