City of El Paso fees expected to go up

City of El Paso fees going up

EL PASO, Texas - On Thursday, ABC-7 requested a document from the city of El Paso called a Schedule C. It contains all the proposed fee increases in the fiscal year 2015 budget.

The 53-page document includes rates from every city department, such as Parks and Rec.

Narrowing it down to fees that impact nearly everyone are: city waste management, El Paso Zoo admission rates and increases for metered parking. International bridge tolls and certain parks and rec fees are also likely going up.

Zoo admission on average is going up 75 cents for everyone, less for children and seniors. Those who use the international bridge tolls will be shelling out 50 cents more each time. Parking meters are now $10 dollars for an entire day, up from the current $8.25. Trash pick-up is going up a dollar, to $17 a month, and Parks and Rec after school programs are now going to cost $5 a week.

Some fee changes are entirely new for fiscal year 2015, but most are just adjustments from past years rates. As we've reported before, the average El Paso homeowner will be having to pay $27 more next year in property taxes. Add that to the costs mentioned in this article, and the possibility of El Paso Water Utilities or El Paso Electric rates increasing, and they certainly add up to less dough in residents' pockets.

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