City Hall demolished; work begins to build stadium for '14 Triple-A ballpark

View of City Hall demolition from Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce area

EL PASO, Texas - The 10-story El Paso City Hall building has been demolished to make room for a Triple-A baseball stadium.
The 34-year-old building in the West Texas city's downtown collapsed Sunday morning during a controlled implosion.
The demolition is part of a downtown revitalization plan that includes building a $50 million ballpark for the Tucson Padres. The team is scheduled to relocate to El Paso.
The city hopes the baseball stadium will attract pedestrian traffic and businesses to the area.

MountainStar Sports Group, who in 2014 will bring a Triple-A Baseball team to El Paso for play in the new ballpark, released a statement about an hour before City Hall's demolition. The ballpark will be built on the site of where City Hall stood.

"We believe the new ballpark represents long-lasting, sustainable progress for our City.," the statement reads. "We appreciate the vision of our Mayor and City Council and thank them for their commitment to bring Triple-A Baseball to El Paso and to build this significant asset in the heart of our City - for all El Pasoans.  We are dedicated to providing affordable family entertainment in a fun and safe environment.  There is much work to be done between now and next spring, and we look forward to watching El Paso's new ballpark rise from this site and hosting Opening Day 2014."

Mayor John Cook watched the implosion on TV at home.

"It's turning a page in history that's for sure," Cook said of the demolition. With the baseball park and demolition of City Hall and new confguration of City Hall, it's time for people to move on."

On Saturday, the demolition of the massive chimneys of the former ASARCO copper and lead smelter site gave locals another historic spectacle.

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