City Council discusses future for Cohen Stadium

Cohen Stadium redevelopment being discussed

EL PASO, Texas - A water park? Concert venue? What would you like to see Cohen Stadium redeveloped into?

The lease between the El Paso Professional Baseball LP and the city at Cohen Stadium ended last month. Now, northeast Rep. Carl Robinson says the sports complex is being cleaned and any damage is being assessed.

"Particularly those that live in northeast El Paso want to keep Cohen Stadium, don't want to see it go away," Robinson said after Tuesday's City Council meeting. "I'm committed to make sure that it does not go away. We are exploring all options to make sure it continues to be a viable, family fun place to go to."

El Circo Hermanos Vázquez is currently setting up to host an event in Cohen's parking lot from March 28 - April 7.

Robinson was aware the event is happening and said this in response, "We've had those events in the past. One of the other things without going into a whole lot of detail some of the other options that we're exploring is potentially make it into a fun park. One idea thrown out is to add a water park to it."

An e-mail from City Manager Joyce Wilson was sent to ABC-7. She said no specific progress on any new project for the area.  The city wanted to regain control of the site and facility before moving forward with any new tenants or initiatives.   

Wilson added there are several events planned for the site (parking area primarily) and those are being managed by SMG for the immediate term while we move forward with longer term planning.  The focus now is securing and cleaning the site and then assessing the necessary repairs to make the facility productive again.

If Cohen were to remain a baseball stadium, previous talks involved letting high school and college teams play at the facility.

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