EL PASO, Texas -

The El Paso City Council approved a six-month compost pilot program to benefit the community.

The El Paso Zoo produces about 1,000 pounds of manure a day. The city has partnered up with a local company, New Green Organics, to mix wood chips produced from local citizen collection centers to create compost. The company will also heat the manure to kill off harmful bacteria.

Dr. Victoria Milne, a veterinarian with the El Paso Zoo, told ABC-7 "We're just really excited to have a program where this really valuable resource, zoo poop, which nobody ever thinks is very valuable, is getting used for a higher purpose. It's going to become a really great fertilizer, great addition to our soil here in El Paso."

Details on when and where people will be able to pick up the compost are still being finalized. Milne said it is likely going to be similar to the current mulch distribution program.