Children's Hospital 'Volunteer Week' kicks off

El Paso Children's hospital Kicks of...

Monday is the start of "Volunteer Week" for the El Paso Children's Hospital. 

Officials from the hospital say without the strong support from their volunteers, the hospital would not be where it is today.

One volunteer has gone above and beyond the call. Alicia Hernandez has volunteered at the hospital for the past four years. "Seeing babies come into the world and that they are here for a reason," Hernandez said. "That is my happiness."

Hernandez spends most of her time rocking babies at the neonatal intensive care unit. "As a volunteer, you will see a difference. It will change your life," Hernandez said. "It changed my life."

Hernandez lost her son to cancer almost six years ago. Although she lost her son, she was touched by the support and care the hospital staff treated her family. She now volunteers as a way to give back. "I just want to give thanks to the children's hospital with the volunteers and staff," Hernandez said about the Birmingham Alabama Children's Hospital where her son was admitted. "How they gave us a good attitude and now it is time for me to give back for what they did with my son."

Hernandez volunteers at the hospital for about two to three days a week and for about six hours each visit. " We work babies here, we feed them, change diapers and if they kind of get fussy we try and hold them," she said while explaining her role.

The Children's Hospital said it is always looking for people willing to help and donate their time. If you would like to volunteer, you can call 915-298-5444.

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