EL PASO, Texas -

If you're in search of a popular Christmas present idea, you may want to consider season tickets for the El Paso Chihuahuas.

According to the Triple-A baseball team's general manager, the demand for seats in the new ballpark has been overwhelming.

The new Downtown ballpark, which is just over four months from its scheduled completion, is expected to have about 7,500 fixed seats.

Team officials said a big chunk of those seats have already been sold for the upcoming inaugural season.

"I think El Paso is putting itself on the map as the number one place for minor league baseball," El Paso Chihuahuas General Manager Brad Taylor said. "I really believe that. We just had our first seating selection events this past week. Those that have been gracious enough to join us as season ticket holders have gotten to select their seats and the response has been very impressive."

So how many seats have they sold?

The Ballpark's luxury suites, all 23 of them, are sold out. In fact, there is a waiting list now. Club seats are sold out as well. Taylor said they've sold more than 1,000 season tickets and hope to sell more than 2,000 by the time they open the season in April.

"When you look at 7,500 or so fixed seats on a nightly basis, there will be a healthy number of season ticket holders there," Taylor said. "Of course, it's our job to fill the rest with group outings involving churches, students, charity groups and the individual ticket buyer."

Of the 16 Pacific Coast League cities, El Paso is the largest population-wise, with nearly 700,000 potential baseball fans. Four PCL cities drew more than half a million fans last season. ABC-7 asked Taylor whether that's possible in El Paso.

"I think it's possible," he said. "It's something to shoot for. You talk about that being one percent of the population of El Paso (7,000 fans a night). It's going to be an unbelievable facility that is just going to be one of the top ones in the country and it's here in El Paso."

Taylor was quick to point out there are still plenty of season ticket seat options available for the Chihuahuas starting at just over $400 a seat.

He also told ABC-7 they have had "significant interest from several different groups" about purchasing the naming rights for El Paso's new Ballpark. The team will provide more information in the upcoming weeks, Taylor said.