Castaway returns to Mexico to deliver final message of dead shipmate to Juarez family

Says his shipmate died after he drank turtle blood

Castaway meets family of dead shipmate

CHIAPAS, Mexico - The Mexican fisherman who says he survived more than a year in a small boat adrift in the Pacific flew back to Mexico.
The Daily Mail reports the castaway went back to meet the family of his dead shipmate and give them a dying message.
Jose Alvarenga met the family of his 23-year-old shipmate, Ezekial Rios, who died.
Rios' family is from Juarez.
Alvarenga says four months after the pair was lost at sea Rios became sick after drinking turtle blood to survive, then later died.
When asked what the men did for that long, Alvarenga said,"There was nothing we could do except cry and suffer."
If what the castaway claims is true he would have survived the longest of anyone ever lost at sea.

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