EL PASO, Texas -

Chihuahua State Police said two people are dead in a candy factory explosion Thursday. A mother has just identified her son as one of the victims. That takes the final death count now to three.

On Thursday night, there was an explosion at the Blueberry Candy factory. It's being reported that the boiler of the maquila exploded starting a fire that caused the 2nd floor to collapse.

Chihuahua State Police said the number of people that were injured has gone from 40 to 51 people. They said 40 of those people injured have been treated and sent home.

Three victims are still being treated for minor injuries. Four people are in serious condition. Another four are in critical condition.

Police said one victim has already been transported to a burn unit in Guadalajara, Mexico. Another victim is expected to be transported today but officials are not sure weather they will be moved to a burn unit in Mexico or a burn unit in the Houston-Galveston area.