EL PASO, Texas -

The 2014 World Cup's first game -- Brazil versus Croatia -- is in the books with Brazil winning 3-1.

With three weeks of games ahead, sports bars and restaurants across El Paso are looking for ways to draw the crowds.

A small group of Brazil fans crowded around their table at Unruli's Pizza + Pints in West El Paso, cheering, then groaning, as Brazil missed an opportunity to score.

The size of the crowd was actually encouraging to Raul Gonzalez, the owner of the pizza place.

"It's actually more people than we usually have," said Gonzalez. "This hour for restaurants is usually pretty dead."

A soccer fan, Gonzalez is excited about the World Cup.

"It's going to be something fun for us, not only because we get to experience it ourselves, but we get to provide a fun environment for our customers to come and watch and have a good time," said Gonzalez.

He's put some thought into how to make his restaurant the place to be this World Cup.

"(Thursday) we're featuring Brazilian beer, tomorrow we'll have Mexican beer, Spanish beer for Spain plays; we're featuring English beer for when England plays, Italian for Italy," Gonzalez continued, adding a few more countries and corresponding drinks.

For Gonzalez, the preparation in the bar and in the kitchen is not so much a point of stress as it is an apparent labor of love.

"It allows me to dive into other people's cultures -- what they're drinking, what they're eating. And if I can put that on a plate for people, that's really fun," Gonzalez said.

Unruli's will be open by 10 AM Friday in time for Mexico's game against Cameroon.