Burges Asst. Principal Manuel Duran speaks out about audit

Duran was put on leave and faces termination

Manuel Duran

EL PASO, Texas - An El Paso Independent School District administrator put on leave last week says the district is unfairly targeting him. Assistant Principal of Burges Manuel Duran says he tried to notify the district about questionable policies, but they didn't listen.

Duran said when he was an assistant principal at Bowie High he reported things he saw and was told to do such as holding foreign transcripts, encouraging students not to enroll, and suddenly dropping students -- specifically those with limited English.

Duran provided documentation to ABC-7 showing his letters to district officials. He said he also tried to get the Texas Education Agency and Dept. of Education involved.

Duran said not only were his requests for audits ignored, the TEA cleared the district. He says no one would listen to his whistle-blowing, and believes the district is trying to fix its reputation at the expense of administrators like him.

"They've called it a witch hunt," Duran said. "Weaver themselves when they interviewed me, the Weaver group that's auditing the district, stated to me the district has been so humiliated that they have to do something, they have to go overboard, they have to go too far. And this was stated to me by them, so Im' surprised by that also. If they're willing to admit that, then something is going on here."

Duran said he hopes the board will give him due process.


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