Building partially collapses, fire crews evacuated after fire in South Central El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - (Oct. 2012 Story)

A building in the 1800 block of Myrtle in South Central El Paso caught fire and partially collapsed Tuesday morning, according to emergency radio transmissions.

All El Paso Fire Department crews were ordered out of the building before the collapse because there was a danger of it happening. All firefighters were evacuated before the collapse.

Eighteen fire units have responded with at least 40 firefighters.

Firefighters arrived on the scene at about 11:20 a.m and five minutes later they were ordered out of the building because of the threat of building collapse.

At 11:37 a.m., cracks were visible and two minutes later the roof caved in and power lines near the building began sagging.

By 11:49 a.m., two walls of the building had caved in.

There have been no reports of injuries at this time.

(Oct. 2012 Story)

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