Borderland teacher pitched winning name of baseball team

Amid controversy, Shae Vierra stands behind 'Chihuahuas'

EL PASO, Texas - Days after the big reveal of the 'el Paso Chihuahuas' was announced as the name for the new Triple A baseball team, people continue to sound off about the name.

Some like it, but it appears a large majority dislike the mascot.

The man who has received a lot of heat is Shae Vierra.

Vierra pitched the team name that now represents minor league baseball in El Paso.

"I had to shutdown my Facebook temporarily because a lot of people were sending me nasty messages, but then there were a lot of people telling me 'I love the name,'" said Vierra.

Vierra is no stranger to sports, he is the head football coach at Santa Teresa High School and a geometry teacher.

As the entire school found out Wednesday morning of Vierra's hand in the naming of the team, he said faculty and staff were very supportive.

Within the halls of Santa Teresa High, students had mixed reaction.

"It fits, I like i," said one student.

"I think it's silly, there were better names, " said another student.

It's members of his football team there are on board with the Chihuahuas.

"It could've been something stronger, but I was thinking about it and the heritage, it's just there," said Jacob Wilson, a Varsity football player.

It doesn't mean some of them will ignore the controversial team name.

"It's always good to mess around with your coach when you get the chance," said Damian Martinez.

Coach Vierra said he stands he will continue to stand behind the team name and won't let the negative comments bother him.

As a football coach he's learned how to face criticism.

"We're not having the best of seasons, we've had a lot of injuries so I do get some criticism for that. Over the years, when you have this kind of position, it kind of just rolls off your shoulders a little bit," said Vierra.

The coach, teacher and father of three will throw out a ceremonial first pitch, get a commemorative jersey and season tickets for the first year for picking the winning name.

"It's all been fun. Over time people will love the Chihuahuas just like they did the Diablos," said Vierra.

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