Borderland teacher charged with sexual assault of a child

Borderland teacher charged with sexual assault of a child

El Paso, Texas - Mountain View High School was quiet Saturday evening.

But during the week, there was lots of chatter among students at the high school.

Word of speech teacher and tennis coach Jesus Garcia's arrest spread quickly.

"Have a lot of people been talking about it at school? Yes, a lot of friends of mine and a lot of other people," said a Mountian View student who didn't want to be identified.

He used to be in one of Garcia's classes. "I barely got him for my sophomore year. I had him for the first semester."

He tells ABC-7, Garcia was outgoing; not really a quiet teacher.

"He was a pretty cool teacher. He treated everyone right," said the former student.

But when ABC-7 asked if the teacher acted differently around girls, the student said, "His eyes; he would seem different."

The student went on to elaborate further: "Around guys he would be different. For tennis, he would treat girls like...he would pay more attention to girls."

We went to Garcia's house, to see if we could find the former coach but nobody answered the door.

Neighbors in the area tell us he would only stay there a few times a week, mostly keeping to himself and only coming out at night.

A basket of tennis balls sat by the front door.

ABC-7 spoke with a woman from the Montana Vista area.

She has two young girls.

One of them will be attending Mountain View High school next year.

She tells ABC-7 it worries her saying what a parent should be concerned about is their child getting the best education; they shouldn't be concerned about their kids being sexually assaulted.

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