Borderland residents still have areas to pop fireworks

Borderland residents still have areas to pop fireworks

El Paso, TEXAS - Texas Gov. Rick Perry extended the county's disaster declaration beyond July 4.

That means the sale or use of fireworks in El Paso County is banned.

Las Cruces and Doña Ana County are facing restrictions.

So where are fireworks allowed?

With Perry approving El Paso County's fireworks ban, this means no fireworks within the unincorporated areas of the county. That includes Westway on the west end of the county, and Montana Vista to the east.

The City of El Paso, Horizon City and Vinton also have a ban.

But Socorro City officials tell ABC-7 they are still on track to allow the sale and popping of fireworks.

There will be designated safe zones in several parks around the city.

"It's just a continuation of what we did the previous year, basically. We have several areas designated as popping zones, as well as specific areas where we will have the conduction of sales for fireworks," said Wille Norefleet Jr., Socorro City Manager.

Some of those parks include Rio Vista Park, Paradise Park and Cougar Park.

In the City of Las Cruces, you can buy fireworks starting June 28.

Fireworks will be restricted to paved land, barren areas and where water is readily available.

The City of Las Cruces will look to extend that 30 day restriction next week.

Fire officials for Dona Ana County say within the next week, the county, the Town of Mesilla, Hatch and the City of Anthony are all expected to further restrict the use of fireworks.

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