Borderland residents say they experienced a "sonic boom"

The ABC-7 newsroom phones were off the hook Saturday night with reports of what some called a "sonic boom" and desert skies that were lit up by meteor.

According to El Paso police, the loud noise came from dynamite that was detonated by the EPPD bomb squad in an academy exercise.

In a timely, but not-related situation, many called and e-mailed ABC-7's newsroom to notify of a possible meteor sighting. The American Meteor Society had three "fireball reports" on their site for the last 24 hours in El Paso and Las Cruces. They are

One viewer described driving in Las Cruces and seeing "the entire sky and desert lit up." He mentioned it lasted 3 or 4 seconds and that it was blue, green, and pinkish/orange.

The AMS has a pending investigation to look into the reports that stretched to Arizona. Here is the link to the pending reports:

If you have any photos or videos of the meteor, send it in to or tweet it to @ABC7Breaking.

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