Water drive underway for Juarez colonias

Colonias without water

CD. JUAREZ, Mexico - Out in the Juarez colonia of Kilometer 27, houses don’t have running water. The streets don’t have water lines running under them and everyone relies on home tanks, filled by the water utility.

As temperatures go up and people drink more every day buying at the store isn’t always an option.

A corner store clerk explained she gets stocked with water Monday and Friday, and by the second day it's sold out.

So several organizations from around the borderland, like Boundless Across Borders and Las Amazonas, are running a water drive, collecting enough to take to the colonias.

“So we’ve only been going two days and already have 110 gallons of water, and about 30 cases total of water bottle,” said Xochitl Nicholson, from Boundless Across Borders.

Even with the help from organizations like these neighbors say they have to budget their water and live off of tanks like this one until the water truck comes around again to resupply.

Maria Jesus Lopez has lived in the area for 47 years, she’s learned to reuse water, the water she washes with gets used for plants or the restroom.

If they run out the tanks have to be filled privately at 15 pesos a tank. To fill ten it would be 150 pesos, less than ten dollars, and not something these neighbors can afford.

If you would like to donate some water you can drop it off at three locations.

Boundless Across Borders is collecting the water in Central El Paso at 901 E. Rio Grande Ave from 9 am to 7 pm. You can drop off the water on the porch.

In East El Paso, you can drop off the water on the porch at the Brightwood Campus at 8360 Burnham, Ste. 100.

In West El Paso, you can drop off the water on the porch at 6732 Red Canyon Sage Lane from 9 am to 7 pm.

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