Search goes on for American boy missing in Mexico

Search for missing boy

CD. Juarez, Mexico - According to the report, 7-year-old James Martin Camacho Padilla, went missing on Sunday from his grandmother's house located in the Riberas del Bravo area.

Officers reportedly found a pair of Camacho's tennis shoes near the Rio Grande on Monday, according to Mexican newspaper El Mexicano.

Crews have since concentrated their search to that area.

Padilla, who came to Juarez last week from Washington state, was last seen wearing a black jacket, white jeans, and tennis shoes.

In the village of San Isidro where police are in the middle of their seventh straight day looking for that missing American boy, James Martin Camacho who disappeared last Sunday. Police have been helped by state and federal agencies on both sides of the border. They’re even asking civilians for help.

More than 60 civilians turned up Sunday morning  to help in the search for the missing boy from Washington.

Now they’ve expanded their search area, miles from where the boy was originally declared missing.
In San Isidro police searched empty lots and abandoned houses and spoke with neighbors, asking them to be on the lookout.

"If people see a child they haven’t seen before in their neighborhood or anything strange they should reach out to police even if it’s going up to them in patrol cars,” said Angel Figueroa, a civilian volunteer.

Juarez police are asking anyone with information call them at 911.