Hundreds march to protect immigrant rights ahead of Trump presidency

March for rights

EL PASO, Texas - Hundreds of El Pasoans gathered at UTEP’s Centennial Plaza Saturday morning to march for immigrant rights. It’s been 68 years since the United Nations passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights declaring everyone in the world had some shared values that would be protected.

Some people hoping their own immigration stories would push others to care.

“When I was five years old I also walked across the river in search for a better future,” said Carlos Enriquez, a teacher at Gadsden High School who works to help migrant students.

The march from UTEP to San Jacinto Plaza led hundreds of El Pasoans down Mesa, calling for the rights of immigrants to be protected.

“I dream of a future where our community is tolerant and accepts one another,” Enriquez said.

Organizers and marchers were calling out for immigration reform that would allow families to be together again.

“We have a broken system. If we allowed these people to come with visas through the bridges, by plane, they wouldn’t cross the border in the way that they did,” said Fernando Garcia, the Border Network for Human Rights executive director.

“We are here today trying to create a social presence for the undocumented community and DREAMers,” Enriquez said.

A social presence of hundreds of people marching out in support of immigrants, chanting, wanting not only politicians to hear them, but letting immigrants know they’re not alone, hoping to let people come out of the shadows despite the incoming administration.

“We need to create an environment that provides a safe zone for them, we need to stop this mentality and philosophy where we need to hide,” Enriquez said.

The Border Network for Human rights is set to host workshops for immigrants--both documented and no--to be able to attend and learn what their rights are in the country.

They will post updates Monday on when the next workshop will be on their website and their Facebook page.

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