Dozens march in resistance against immigration policies

March for Resistance

EL PASO, Texas - More than 50 El Paso residents took part in the March for Resistance Saturday, a 24 mile march organized by the Border Network for Human Rights,

The march, from Tierra Dulce to an immigration detention center in East El Paso, was in protest against President Trump’s immigration and enforcement policies.

Some of the chants were against the building of President Trump’s proposed border wall, but organizers say the separation can be more than just symbolic.

They're also hoping to bring awareness to mixed status families who could be separated if one of the parents or even some of the children are deported while other members of the family are US citizens.

“Families in our communities here in El Paso and Southern New Mexico, they feel under attack and they are afraid of these aggressive anti-immigrant rhetoric and anti-immigrant enforcement being pushed forward by this administration,” said Fernando Garcia, the executive director of the Border Network for Human Rights.

ABC-7 spoke to some undocumented families who said their biggest concern is being able to feel safe in the community.

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