Border residents protest border wall at international bridge

No Wall Protest

EL PASO, Texas - Dozens of border residents are expected to protest President trump’s proposed border wall. A Facebook event description calls for residents to get together at the Paso Del Norte Bridge, where they will hold hands.

For those who live and work next to the border itself, they say their relationship with the fence is complicated.

Just yards away from the border fence works Ramon Jurado, a washing machine repairman who has been based next to the border for 37 years. He used to ferry people from the outskirts of Juarez to the border, where they would cross the border undocumented.

He says anyone who wanted to could cross

“The fence has slowed down undocumented traffic into the US, but it hasn’t stopped,” Jurado said.

Jurado described how people now use ropes and grappling hooks to climb the fence, while drug and arms smugglers turn to tunnels to get their products across the border.

“No matter how tall the fence or wall is, people will find a way over,” he explained.

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