Border Patrol agent's fiancée tells CNN she still doesn't have any answers

One month later and still no update...

EL PASO, Texas - It has been more than a month since El Paso Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez died on duty in the Big Bend Sector and the agent's fiancée told CNN she still doesn't have any answers.

Agent Martinez died last November 18 near Van Horn and the FBI has been in charge of the investigation. Representatives with the Border Patrol Union said Martinez and is partner were attacked with rocks. The FBI said it was investigating the death as a potential assault. The sheriff in Culberson County, Oscar Carrillo, said he believes a tractor-trailer may have accidentally sideswiped the pair, The Dallas Morning News reported.

“We’re handling all the leads that are coming in and taking a very aggressive stance, we’re just doing our due diligence in the investigation and analyzing  all the facts," said Special Agent Jeanette Harper with the FBI.

In the time since the agent's death, very little information has been released about the investigation process.

Martinez was found with another agent, both having serious injuries, in a culvert off of I-10. Both agents were taken to an El Paso hospital where Martinez later died. Agent Stephen “Michael” Garland, found injured with Martinez, would later be released.

A publicly-filed court document showed the FBI was looking into a pair of brothers as possible suspects in an attack on the Border Patrol agents, but investigators haven’t said if the thread led anywhere.

CNN spoke with Martinez’s fiancée, who visited the site where Martinez and his partner were found.

"I find it hard (to believe) that a fall could have caused all the damage that he had," Angela Ochoa told CNN, "And as far as him being sideswept, that couldn't have happened because he was not off the freeway, he was on the side road. From the damage to his face, there's no way -- there's no way," Ochoa told CNN.

Ochoa also mentioned Martinez would leave her short love notes hidden around the house. It wouldn't be until she returned from the hospital on the night Martinez died that she would find the last note left before Martinez left for work. 

It read “I love you."

"It tore me apart," she said. "Just to know that someone loved me that much. And now he's gone. With no answers," Ochoa said.

As the investigation moves into its second month, the FBI representative the case is still being worked on.

“The complexity of the investigations is the deciding factor in how long each takes,” Harper explained.